How do you connect and command, engage and influence, inspire and lead? How can you make your speaking transformative and fun for yourself and your audience?Read More
Do you have any fear of public speaking, from some fear to dreading it, or do you love it? Are you a charismatic speaker and communicator, do you create connection and engagement whether speaking to one, a few, thousands or more?Read More
Ankha has coached Royalty, Presidents and Vice Presidents of countries and corporations, Presidential Candidates, First Ladies, Parliament and Cabinet Members, Hollywood celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, sales and nonprofit organizations, youth and women leadership groups, CEOs and their teams in the US and worldwide. Her work and client base span over 50 countries and 6 continents.Read More

What Others Say About Ankha

“A true leader in public speaking and a gifted communications strategist”
Gordon Forsythe, President and CEO. Education Chair & Past WPO Canadian Regional Membership Chair
“Ankha has helped me make meaningful, life long, impactful change. She has an intuition and keen sense of awareness more than any other coach I have worked with. Ankha is key component to my success both personally and business.”
Nicholas G. Sansone, Esq., Principal, Sansone Group, YPO St Louis
“Working With Ankha is an amazing, life changing experience”
Andrew Boyd, SVP International Marketing, Mister Smith Entertainment

Ankha Marza and Richard Greene Interview on New Greek TV
Charisma On and Off Camera.
   (4min segment)