Charisma and Powerful Communication

  • Powerful Communication inspires and leads
  • Powerful Communication commands and connects
  • Powerful Communication engages and influences
  • Powerful communication breaks through challenges, and wins … every time!
  • It wins the hearts and minds of all those it touches. It captures their imagination and inspires for more.
Powerful communication is transformational. We can feel it and see it transform our audiences and ourselves. It is a true expression of the power that lies within us .. every one of us! …and.. it’s also .. Fun!

The 5 Keys


This goes to the core of you and of it all. You must believe in yourself relentlessly, and in what you’re sharing with your audience! If you don’t feel you’re quite there, just remember that confidence can be learned! And you must not just believe but absolutely know that what you’re sharing is of value to them! You will otherwise, without fail, lose their trust, not engage and not connect with your audience.


Share your passion, from the heart, with passion! This alone can engage and captivate your audience. If you think your sharing is dry and boring, so will your audience! If you think it’s interesting and exciting so will they! And Yes you can find something cool and interesting in just about anything, and can do so even when you’ve been talking about the same thing for what feels like forever. I’ve worked with many clients through this, it can be done.


“Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Taken.” I love this quote attributed to Oscar Wilde. I often see people trying to be someone else whether on stage or just in front of a group. Some become really monotonous and almost robotic, others over amp, over project or say things just because, for instance, the marketing department told them to.  You truly are at your most powerful when you are authentic to yourself, to your heart, mind, values and beliefs. When these are aligned, you are unstoppable and having fun while at it!


The takeaway or messaging must be concise, compelling and to the point!

And … what’s your point? What do you want your audience to think, feel and do as a result of what you’re sharing with them?! Always create your take away with the audience in mind. Who are they and what is important to them!

Non-verbal Communication

Voice Tone & Body Language have a huge overwhelming influence in how you are seen, trusted, liked, heard! This applies to every single communication situation! Even in moments when nothing is spoken! Or just think of a brilliantly written speech or presentation, that’s delivered in a flat voice and with a body language that’s weak and uncertain. It will never ever work! Your body language and voice tone must both reflect charisma and authority, must captivate and engage! There’s no room for weakness or doubt in either. There are many amazing secrets and strategies that the world’s best speakers and communicators use and they can be easily learned!

When you’re ready to find out more about what some of the world’s most charismatic communicators do, when you’re ready to challenge yourself to be the best speaker and communicator that you can be, quickly and with great results, click here to apply for a 15 minute session with Ankha.