YPO Award

The event Ankha lead with YPO Guatemala “Empowering Spouses, YPOers and Youth Through Public Speaking” won the Best Spouse/Partner Personal Development Event in Latin America 2014, across the 60 YPO regional chapters.


Ankha has the masterful ability to recognize both a presenter’s skills as well as deficits and lovingly create a program that addresses both. Her attention to the subtle but powerful nuances involved in messaging with impact paves the way for the connection we all seek. Trust her to help you reach your dreams. I have.
David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, World-renowned Neurologist, Four times #1 New York Times bestselling author, including Brain Maker, The Grain Brain
Throughout my career, there have been many decisions that have proven as epic fails or profound successes. In regards to public speaking, no greater success decision has been more prevalent than the decision to allow Ankha Marza to coach me. Ankha, by using her incredible gifts and talents, transformed me. No longer am I a public speaker, but through Ankha, I have been given the recipe to command the room, capture the emotion and deliver a powerful message all by unlocking my own soul. I am forever grateful to Ankha.
Brian S. Evans, Congressman, US House Of Representatives, AR; President & CEO L&L Freight Services, Inc; Chairman of the Board of the Transportation Intermediaries Association
Ankha Marza is an amazing public speaking and communication coach. We have been working together for over one year, and I have each time been deeply impressed by her ability to listen, her expertise, depth, professionalism and commitment.

She has really helped me grow, become more comfortable on stage, more lasered in my choice of content and impactful in how I express it – be it a presentation, a keynote or panel. Ankha has my highest recommendation. Her guidance has been invaluable to me.

Maud Bailly, Chief Digital Officer, AccorHotels. Head of Digital, Distribution, Sales, Data and Information Systems. Previously Head of Economic department with France’s Finance Ministry and the Office of the French Prime Minister
Ankha Marza changed my life. I am CEO of a leading national logistics firm, chairman of a national trade association, and I’m involved leading other organizations, so I speak publicly often. Ankha gives you a fresh, world class skill set. It’s remarkable how quickly you progress from presenting, to commanding a room. Investing even a day with Ankha can change the trajectory of your career.
Jeff Tucker, CEO. Tucker Company Worldwide, Inc.
I had an opportunity to work with Ankha developing my TEDx Talk, The Most Dangerous Four-Letter Word.

She is AMAZING. I would highly recommend her to anyone who does public speaking of any type! She is an incredible, world class public speaking coach and an amazing human being on so many dimensions!

Dick Simon, CEO of RSI Inc, Chairman & Co-Founder, YPO-WPO Peace Action Network
Ankha has an uncanny ability to help you bring your essence and your message out in such a way that it has a profound impact on your audience and the goal that you are hoping to achieve.

At the time of our initial meeting, I had spent some 25 years giving public speeches on various complex scientific subjects to both the lay public and the scientific community.

My capacity to deliver information and transmit the appropriate emotions, has been transformed and improved dramatically as a result of receiving coaching from Ankha.

Whether you are an individual wanting to have a bigger and better impact on your audiences or you are the leader of a team that can benefit from better communication with clients and various stakeholders, I highly recommend working with Ankha.

Nassim Haramein, CEO, Torus Tech LLC, World Leader in Unified Physics, CEO Resonance Science Foundation
Our Forum loved working with Ankha! Her charisma, sharp insights and analysis, extreme active listening, empathy and ability to deliver strong learning in a highly interactive experience are impressive. Excellent take home value and a superb weekend.
Pierre Marcel Blanchot, YPO and Gold European Board Member and Chair, Past YPO & Gold International Board Member
Becoming a compelling communicator requires the speaker to tap into their personal message, to craft it into a speech that is emotionally compelling and intellectually pure. Not an easy task. Equally difficult is to support someone in that process.

A speaking coach is ideally a combination of trusted confidant, cheerleader, copy editor, speech writer and performance coach. For all that to land on one person is rare, so is Ankha. Working with Ankha has been a rewarding partnership that has far exceeded my expectations. Ankha has worked tirelessly to help me get the real me across both in content and in delivery. If you are committed to your message, your audience and your own development I recommend that you get a speaking coach.

If you want it to be fun and effective I recommend that you call Ankha.

Toby LaVigne, Founder & CEO The Remarkable Project 
Finalist First YPO Public Speaking Competition 2013, held in Istanbul, Turkey
Ankha did an amazing job leading three different and life changing workshops in Guatemala!! She worked with YPO spouses sharing with us how to be more connected, empowered, authentic as well as important skills on conflict resolution which will have an enormous impact on all of our relationships. No wonder she got the highest ratings in take home value and a unanimous YES on whether we would consider bringing Ankha back.

Ankha also connected with our YPO youth group, teaching them to be more effective in their presentations and how to be more charismatic. She gave these kids the most valuable gift available to them: self confidence and the inspiration to live authentic lives.

Among Ankha’s many qualities is compassion and kindness. In her final workshop, Ankha shared her skills with the children living around the Guatemalan garbage dump, transforming their lives by teaching them self confidence and empowerment.

Ankha’s visit and workshops were transformative and powerful to so many people and in so many ways.

THANK YOU Ankha!!!

Maureen Riojas, MBA 
Spouse Coordinator, Guatemala 
Principal, MPR Strategies
Ankha is truly one of a kind – a gifted and caring coach, with such inspiring passion and commitment.

She gently guides you, to help uncover solutions to challenges while opening up the core of your unique voice, presentation and its take away message. The learning from this is so much deeper than just a “great presentation” … the real reward is the motivation and confidence you receive. Working with Ankha is an amazing, life changing experience.

I would recommend working with Ankha to anyone yearning to grow.

Andrew Boyd, SVP International Marketing, 
Mister Smith Entertainment
Ankha Marza is more than a speaking coach, she effectively teaches about communication and how to reach your audience, rather it be one person or one hundred.

She is also particularly effective coaching in one-on-one situations. Her quick diagnosis can leave her client with concrete steps for improvement in just minutes.

In addition, she is superb in working with children and young adults!

Paul C., CEO, YPO Utah
What an amazing experience it was to meet you and to be able to receive coaching from you! You are an amazing person with so much energy and an incredible ability to connect with people!

Thank YOU, I really feel so much more confident about being able to improve my public speaking skills and help promote Safe Passage as much as possible. Thank you for listening and for your help in figuring out a better way to position Safe Passage to donors.

More importantly, thank you for the experience that you were able to give to the kids at the project. It will really have and impact on them and make them much better prepared for their future.

Sandra Gonzalez, Vice President of the Board, Safe Passage Foundation, Guatemala `Safe Passage Foundation serves over 600 children and their families living in the garbage dump area of Guatemala City`
The one day event with our YPO members, spouses and youth was fantastic. Ankha was incredible and hit it out of the park!
Reed Laws, CEO, YPO Utah, Event Chair
I wanted to reach out and thank you very kindly once again for all the insight you shared in the last two days. Your panel presentation was very engaging and resourceful and today’s 15 min one-on-one session was very, very compelling. Only-in-YPO!

Your ability to analyze and suggest areas for improvement within just a few minutes and the way you explain what could be tools to become a more powerful presenter/speaker was quite impressive.

Thank you very much again, you made a difference for me!

Torsten Schierholz, YPO Toronto, Senior Vice President Americas, LEONI WCS Division
Ankha is a phenomenal coach. She has an extraordinarily quick and strategic mind, balanced with an amazing sensitivity and intuition – a very rare combination.
Richard Greene, Author and Communication Strategist
Ankha has helped me make meaningful, life long, impactful change. She has an intuition and keen sense of awareness more than any other coach I have worked with. She is a key component to my success both personally and business
Nicholas Sansone, Esq., Principal, Sansone Group, YPO St Louis
Working with Ankha has been a phenomenal, life changing event. I wouldn’t have imagined such a dramatic change in my ability to stand up and speak in such a short space of time. My attitude to public speaking has now changed from sheer dread to excitement. Thank you Ankha!
Hannah Macki, Deputy Managing Director, Oman Oilfield, YPO Education Chair, YPO Oman
Ankha is a dynamic force of nature. She truly understands how to move and capture an audience. She is a master at her craft.
Salomon Sredni, Co-founder and President of Chronwell Inc, Partner and Managing Director at Ocean Azul