YPO Award

The event Ankha lead with YPO Guatemala “Empowering Spouses, YPOers and Youth Through Public Speaking” won the Best Spouse/Partner Personal Development Event in Latin America 2014, across the 60 YPO regional chapters.

Quick personal note: I have had the distinct privilege and complete joy to work with extraordinary people, leaders and luminaries around the world. As follows is a glimpse into the experiences that a few have shared. I too am shaped by these experiences that enrich my heart and soul and I’m so grateful to have them. Thank you to all of you who have already chosen to trust me with your goals and dreams and thank you to all of you who will choose to do so.


Ankha has the masterful ability to recognize both a presenter’s skills as well as deficits and lovingly create a program that addresses both. Her attention to the subtle but powerful nuances involved in messaging with impact paves the way for the connection we all seek. Trust her to help you reach your dreams. I have.
David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, World-renowned Neurologist, Five times #1 New York Times bestselling author, including Brain Maker, The Grain Brain, Brain Wash
Ankha has transformed the way I think and how I communicate. Her approach to communication is deeply grounded in a stunningly clear awareness, her presence is transformational. I have also seen Ankha work with small groups and saw the power of how she can help everyone learn and develop together. She really brings out the best that everyone has to give. Ankha has had the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time of anyone I have ever worked with.
Mark Jepson, Chair Western Region YPO Gold, Managing Partner Commercial Investment Properties
Ankha is a genius at reading people. Working with her is a revelation.
Anastasios (Tassos) Economou, Chairman of the YPO Board of Directors, YPO Monaco, Founder and Managing Director of iGroup
A true leader in public speaking, a gifted communication strategist and coach. I first met Ankha when I co-day chaired an event for YPO Toronto called “The Science of Charismatic Speaking. Ankha impressed a standing-room-only crowd of approximately 150 members and received a standing ovation.
Gordon Forsythe, Past Membership Chair, YPO Toronto, Partner at CEO Coaching International
Ankha Marza changed my life. I am CEO of a leading national logistics firm, chairman of a national trade association, and I’m involved leading other organizations, so I speak publicly often. Ankha gives you a fresh, world class skill set. It’s remarkable how quickly you progress from presenting, to commanding a room. Investing even a day with Ankha can change the trajectory of your career.
Jeff Tucker, CEO. Tucker Company Worldwide, Inc
I have worked with the best that YPO has to offer and they have been amazing, from the rigorous, tough-love, to the totally empathetic self-discovery advocates, and everything in between.
Ankha’s EQ, IQ and ability to relate and moderate and facilitate groups is something that I have rarely seen in YPO.
Bassel Hamwi, YPO International Board Member, Forum Chair, YPO Dubai, Head IFC AMC Middle East and North Africa; IFC Asset Management Company, part of the World Bank Group
Ankha is a natural leader and a highly effective communication coach who will fight hard for you. She’s at her best in coaching individuals and groups on becoming better communicators in business, relationships, and life. She has coached me as I transition from 20 years of Military Service as a Navy SEAL to my next career as a civilian. She has expanded my critical thinking when it comes to public speaking, challenged my assumptions, and has helped me unlock and discover my strengths and weaknesses. She has increased my skill sets around becoming a more effective communicator. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Ankha, and sincerely believe she will bring her unique energy, optimism, passion, creativity, transformative and actionable insight to any environment.”
Scott Rathke, U.S. Navy SEAL
Ankha has been working with our Naval Special Warfare families on communication strategy for the past year and has without question brought incredible value to our program. She has an innate ability to connect and establish trust on a personal level with every participant in the program; she has a rare depth of insight, expertise and ability to adapt. The participants in our program are Navy SEALs, Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman (SWCC) and support personnel – who have been in active duty, on the front line of multiple major U.S. conflicts for anywhere between five to over twenty years – and their families. She sees and values each one of their goals and can quickly move them into achieving them. Ankha is truly a master of her craft and we are grateful to have her as part of With Your Shield!
Greg Sisa, U.S. Special Operations Veteran; Director, With Your Shield – A McMorrow Veterans Initiative, University of Southern California – Marshall School of Business
Throughout my career, there have been many decisions that have proven as epic fails or profound successes. In regards to public speaking, no greater success decision has been more prevalent than the decision to allow Ankha Marza to coach me. Ankha, by using her incredible gifts and talents, transformed me. No longer am I a public speaker, but through Ankha, I have been given the recipe to command the room, capture the emotion and deliver a powerful message all by unlocking my own soul. I am forever grateful to Ankha.
Brian S. Evans, Congressman, US House Of Representatives, AR; President & CEO L&L Freight Services, Inc; Chairman of the Board of the Transportation Intermediaries Association
I had an opportunity to work with Ankha developing my TEDx Talk, The Most Dangerous Four-Letter Word. She is AMAZING. I would highly recommend her to anyone who does public speaking of any type! She is an incredible, world class public speaking and communication coach and an amazing human being on so many dimensions!
Dick Simon, CEO of RSI Inc, Chairman & Co-Founder, YPO-WPO Peace Action Network, YPO Global Humanitarian Award 2004, YPO Best of the Best 2005, Harvard Business School Making a Difference Award 2005, Real Leaders Magazine’s “100 Visionary Leaders

Ankha has worked with many of our Global Sales, North American and European teams from account managers and sales directors to VPs. We’ve chosen to have a few hundred of our people work with her. She has also worked one on one with some of our VPs and C level. The impact that she creates is life changing.

This is consistently the feedback I receive and see for myself in people. I’ve received many thank you emails too from our people who have taken her trainings, even a year after, as they each get to practice and apply more and more what they’ve learned.

The transformations she is able to create have a deeply reaching impact professionally and personally. I’ve seen this with people who have worked with her for a few hours or a couple of days.

Her trainings are not one one size fits all. They’re not the kind of trainings where you’re left with some notes or a training manual. The takeaway is a change in mindset and action.

She brings so much passion to her work, is an incredible  expert and person, kind, inspiring, caring and so deeply committed and delightful to work with. I have been in sales and HR leadership positions for over 30 years with various global  companies including American Express, I can unequivocally say that the trainings and transformations she leads are incredibly powerful and one of a kind. I hope you and your teams too will have the chance to work with Ankha.

Benedicte Feldheim, VP Sales Culture, Global Sales Division, AccorHotels
Ankha Marza is an amazing public speaking and leadership presence coach. We have been working together for over one year, and I have each time been deeply impressed by her ability to listen, her expertise, depth, professionalism and commitment. She has really helped me grow, become more comfortable on stage, more lasered in my choice of content and impactful in how I express it – be it a presentation, a keynote or panel. Ankha has my highest recommendation. Her guidance has been invaluable to me.
Maud Bailly, Chief Digital Officer, AccorHotels. Head of Digital, Distribution, Sales, Data and Information Systems. Previously Head of Economic department with France’s Finance Ministry and the Office of the French Prime Minister
The Storytelling Training took me from ‘presentation ZERO to HERO. No more fear and anxiety, just excitement at creating and telling new stories. I cannot recommend the training highly enough!
Wendy Greenhalgh, Director of Luxury Sales, Global Sales & Distribution, AccorHotels
My training with Ankha has been life changing. In the course of 2 days I learned how to hone my presentation skills, body language and created a unique, personal style to selling. This has been the best training I have ever received.
Jeffrey Levine, Director, Luxury Travel Agency Sales, Global Sales & Distribution, AccorHotels
I have been reflecting quite a bit on these two days our group spent with Ankha. They were really special.
The best two days I have ever spent! For me Mastering Storytelling was both thought provoking and emotionally cleansing. The journey over the two days concluded with a transformation in attitude, self-belief and refining public speaking. I would love to bottle the talent that is Ankha – forever grateful to her for bringing out the very best in me.
Alexandra Docherty, Leisure Sales Director, Global Sales & Distribution, AccorHotels

It has been simply amazing to be part of Storytelling training with Ankha Marza.

My first take away is how to be inspired on a daily basis, it is surprising how this is relevant in our working and personal life, and what I appreciated is that Ankha has been able to go so straight to the point!

An exciting journey and, moreover, Ankha has been notably outstanding in leading the group in each single moment, guiding each of us to express ourselves in the smoothest way. What an amazing reminder also of why we do love our job.

Martin SAPORI Deputy Vice President, Global Sales Italy, Greece & Malta, AccorHotels

Dear Ankha, Thank you for such an inspiring experience! I am truly excited to incorporate what you shared with such sincerity and skill.

You are an amazing soul with such a gift to inspire and engage people!

Tracy McIvor, , Regional Sales Manager, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Canada's Western Mountain Region

Dear Ankha, THANK YOU for the incredible couple of days. It was so great, and I know the team loved it – I have heard such amazing feedback! It was very impactful, and I know that our already awesome team will be even more memorable now!

Helen Pratt, Regional Director of Sales & Marketing, Pacific Northwest, AccorHotels


Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jaron, Mark, and I had some time to decompress and chat on the ferry back to Victoria last night and we all agreed that your training course was the most rewarding training that any of us has ever been a part of!

Public speaking, especially public speaking in front of my peers and senior colleagues, is something that has always been a deeply rooted personal fear. Thank you for forcing me outside of my comfort zone and giving me the invaluable feedback that I needed in order to face this fear.

You are gifted, thank you for sharing this gift with us…I truly appreciate all of your hard work.

Andrew Watson, Sales Manager, Fairmont Empress, Victoria, British Colombia
The brief time spent with Ankha has had a positive impact on both my personal growth and career development. Ankha has a true gift of building confidence while public speaking by coaching in a completely trusting and nurturing environment. Improving my communication skills has always been a priority for me. I have read countless books and articles, attended many seminars/webinars and even have a university degree in the subject. Time spent with Ankha is always, unquestionably the most impactful.
Leslie Dodson, Director of Global Accounts, Luxury Sales, AccorHotels

My training with Ankha has been life changing. In the course of 2 days I learned how to hone my presentation skills, body language and created a unique, personal style to selling. This has been the best training I have ever received.

Jeffrey Levine, Director, Luxury Travel Agency Sales, Global Sales & Distribution, AccorHotels

Dear Ankha, I want to thank you for the incredible journey that you provided to me and my colleagues in Dubai. I use the word “Journey” because what you did for us was akin to a transformative experience, that can only be attained through the deep introspect that accompanies travel.   

Your skill at helping us uncover our hidden strengths and your ability to create  a nurturing environment,  that allowed us to confront areas of improvement was groundbreaking.

Honestly, I have never really enjoyed public speaking, but the experience you gave me and the team were indeed extraordinary. Thank you for building my confidence! 

Yesterday, I hosted six 20 minute workshops with 75 attendees each!  I moved away from the podium and I heard your voice and the feedback you gave me.  When all was done and the room erupted in applause, I only thought of my gratitude for what you taught us! Thank you for everything!

Eric Floyd, Director, Luxury Sales, North America, AccorHotels

Ankha has an uncanny ability to help you bring your essence and your message out in such a way that it has a profound impact on your audience and the goal that you are hoping to achieve.

At the time of our initial meeting, I had spent some 25 years giving public speeches on various complex scientific subjects to both the lay public and the scientific community.

My capacity to deliver information and transmit the appropriate emotions, has been transformed and improved dramatically as a result of receiving coaching from Ankha.

Whether you are an individual wanting to have a bigger and better impact on your audiences or you are the leader of a team that can benefit from better communication with clients and various stakeholders, I highly recommend working with Ankha.

Nassim Haramein, CEO, Torus Tech LLC, World Leader in Unified Physics, CEO Resonance Science Foundation

Our Forum loved working with Ankha! Her charisma, sharp insights and analysis, extreme active listening, empathy and ability to deliver strong learning in a highly interactive experience are impressive. Excellent take home value and a superb weekend.

Pierre Marcel Blanchot, Past YPO and Gold European Board Member and Chair, Past YPO & Gold International Board Member

Becoming a compelling communicator requires the speaker to tap into their personal message, to craft it into a speech that is emotionally compelling and intellectually pure. Not an easy task. Equally difficult is to support someone in that process.

A communication and speaking coach is ideally a combination of trusted confidant, cheerleader, copy editor, speech writer and performance coach. For all that to land on one person is rare, so is Ankha. Working with Ankha has been a rewarding partnership that has far exceeded my expectations. Ankha has worked tirelessly to help me get the real me across both in content and in delivery. If you are committed to your message, your audience and your own development I recommend that you get a speaking coach. If you want it to be fun and effective I recommend that you call Ankha.

Toby LaVigne, Founder & CEO The Remarkable Project

Ankha did an amazing job leading three different and life changing workshops in Guatemala!! She worked with YPO spouses sharing with us how to be more connected, empowered, authentic as well as important skills on conflict resolution which will have an enormous impact on all of our relationships. No wonder she got the highest ratings in take home value and a unanimous YES on whether we would consider bringing Ankha back.

Ankha also connected with our YPO youth group, teaching them to be more effective in their presentations and how to be more charismatic. She gave these kids the most valuable gift available to them: self confidence and the inspiration to live authentic lives.

Among Ankha’s many qualities is compassion and kindness. In her final workshop, Ankha shared her skills with the children living around the Guatemalan garbage dump, transforming their lives by teaching them self confidence and empowerment.

Ankha’s visit and workshops were transformative and powerful to so many people and in so many ways.

THANK YOU Ankha!!!

Maureen Riojas, MBA; YPO Guatemala Spouse Coordinator, Principal at MPR Strategies

What an amazing experience it was to meet you and to be able to receive coaching from you! You are an amazing person with so much energy and an incredible ability to connect with people!

Thank YOU, I really feel so much more confident about being able to improve my public speaking skills and help promote Safe Passage as much as possible. Thank you for listening and for your help in figuring out a better way to position Safe Passage to donors.

More importantly, thank you for the experience that you were able to give to the kids at the project. It will really have and impact on them and make them much better prepared for their future

Sandra Gonzalez, Vice President of the Board, Safe Passage Foundation, Guatemala `Safe Passage Foundation serves over 600 children and their families living in the garbage dump area of Guatemala City`

Ankha is truly one of a kind – a gifted and caring coach, with such inspiring passion and commitment.

She gently guides you, to help uncover solutions to challenges while opening up the core of your unique voice, presentation and its take away message. The learning from this is so much deeper than just a “great presentation” … the real reward is the motivation and confidence you receive. Working with Ankha is an amazing, life changing experience.

I would recommend working with Ankha to anyone yearning to grow.

Andrew Boyd, SVP International Marketing, Mister Smith Entertainment

I wanted to reach out and thank you very kindly once again for all the insight you shared in the last two days. Your panel presentation was very engaging and resourceful and today’s 15 min one-on-one session was very, very compelling. Only-in-YPO!

Your ability to analyze and suggest areas for improvement within just a few minutes and the way you explain what could be tools to become a more powerful presenter/speaker was impressive.

Thank you very much again, you made a difference for me!

Torsten Schierholz, YPO Toronto, Senior Vice President Americas, LEONI WCS Division

Ankha has helped me make meaningful, lifelong, impactful change. She has an intuition and keen sense of awareness more than any other coach I have worked with. She is a key component to my success both personally and business.

Nicholas Sansone, Esq., Principal, Sansone Group, YPO St Louis

I first met Ankha eight years ago in Washington D.C. at a YPO Public Speaking Seminar. Ankha did an incredible job. It ranks as one of my top three rated seminar I’ve attended as a YPO member. Ankha is a fantastic active listener of both spoken words and body language and vastly improved my skills as a public speaker. I subsequently ran into Ankha at a couple of GLC / Edge conferences and invited her to speak at my YPO forum retreat. She spent a full day with us covering Influence and Charisma and received rave reviews from my forum.

Dan Campbell, Past YPO Chapter Chair for Southern 7 (480 members), YPO Atlanta, Founder, Executive Chairman, Hire Dynamics

Working with Ankha has been a phenomenal, life changing event. I wouldn’t have imagined such a dramatic change in my ability to stand up and speak in such a short space of time. My attitude to public speaking has now changed from sheer dread to excitement.

During the education event in Muscat, Ankha also privately coached 6 fellow YPOers who wanted to work with her one on one. They all have very different backgrounds and yet the consensus from every single one of them was that although it was a short coaching session, 1 hour each, Ankha made a huge impact on all of them. One member described the experience as enlightening, another one called it life changing. Whether group or one on one Ankha knows how to read her audience, and tailor everythingto suit their needs and reactions. Thank you Ankha!

Hannah Macki, Deputy Managing Director, Oman Oilfield, YPO Education Chair, YPO Oman

As member in our Family Education Committee, I insisted to invite you as a resource to our family’s yearly event summer of 2016, which we all 28 members of our second and third generation attended the whole course (half day). Ever since your name is part of every family events and discussions from fourth to second generation. You have inspired us all at the same time, giving us positivity and confidence to grab our fears.

On behalf of my family we really can’t thank you enough, it was truly an unforgettable awakening experience for our family, and I believe you brought tears of Joy across them all.

We will always stay in touch and hope you keep up and spread that beautiful spirit wherever and to whoever you meet.

Raed W Bassatne, YPO Lebanon Chapter + 2’nd Agean Macedonian Chapter, Family Office Director BB Energy

The one day event with our YPO members, spouses and youth was fantastic. Ankha was incredible and hit it out of the park!

Reed Laws, YPO Utah, Event Chair, President – Your Employment Solutions

45 min of working with Ankha and I was blown away. Her ability to identify powerful nonverbal signals such as body language and voice tone, see the psychology behind them and help you shift them into your best is unparalleled. She will meet you wherever you are on your journey and move you forward.  The lessons she shared have helped me become a better leader and more effective communicator with employees, customers and even throughout my personal life. I have more work to do and I look forward to working with her again.  She is a master at her craft.

Lance Healy, Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer, Banyan Technology

Ankha is a dynamic force of nature. She truly understands how to move and capture an audience. She is a master at her craft.

Salomon Sredni, Co-founder and President of Chronwell Inc, Partner and Managing Director at Ocean Azul, YPO Miami