Communication, storytelling, public speaking are force multipliers.

Mastering this unstoppable trio will show you the way to your most powerful self and leadership presence.

This presence determines how much or if you are liked, loved, heard, trusted and respected.
It shapes your ability to impact, inspire and influence.
It defines your relationships and identity, your dreams and legacy.

When you are in your most powerful self and leadership presence you speak the voice of your authentic self and take bold action. You are in the awareness of your heart and purpose, values and vision.

When you speak from this place of empowered authenticity, passion and presence, you are speaking your power.

Sometimes … the boldest action requires you to be in the deepest stillness. Other times it is a decision to no longer accept the fears, anxieties or comfortable default you’ve lived with for so long and act on it!

Take a moment now and answer this:

Who are you in your most powerful self and leadership presence? What does that look like, feel like, sound like?

This is the time to dare higher and dream bigger! Your limiting history is only  self-fulfilling prophecy if you keep making it so! So… decide differently! Dare higher and dream bigger!

Your most powerful self and leadership presence! See it. Feel it. Hear it.  

Now… what actions do you need to take to be it?

Whatever that is for you, begin it!!

Boldness has genius and power. Your most powerful self and leadership presence are awaiting you.

5 Keys to YourLeadership Presence

Choose & Commit

Who are you choosing to be as speaker, communicator, leader. What is your vision for yourself, your team, company, family, community, industry and world? Commit to the highest vision of you and how you can impact and inspire those around you, in your extended community and the world. We live and follow through who we think we are.

Own it

Make sure the vision you have for yourself and who you have chosen to be is a vision and identity that is your own. Far too often, we find ourselves living someone else’s life, desires, words and dreams. Can you think of ways where this may be true for you?

Listen Consciously

Take time and listen. As you listen within, distinguish between your true authentic voice and the inherited or habitual one. Then, as you are speaking to an audience, be it of one, a few or many, make sure you are listening to them! And yes they’re speaking even if they’re not verbally expressing or even if you’re barely seeing them behind a screen. Physical presence will of course always make it easier for you to listen to them and read them. Make space to listen… in your speech, your cadence, your voice, mind and heart.


You are speaking to bring value. You are speaking to contribute. You are speaking to make a positive impact in the lives of those around you. Sometimes you are helping make their jobs and lives easier for that day, other times it is a longer term impact or forever changing their lives. Your words have power. They can build, inspire and empower or hurt and demolish. Choose your words with awareness and speak them as such.

The Unspoken

The overwhelming impact and power of your communication lies in your nonverbal expression. You can take the best speech of the 20th century -are you wondering what that is? 😊 If you thought Martin Luther King “I have A Dream” you are right! – deliver it in a monotonous, emotionally disconnected and unaware way, and you’ve destroyed it. Your body language, in all its subconscious nuances will also make or break your communication and impact.